Cara Hogan
Content Strategist


Driven, creative, and always learning.


Hi! I'm Cara, a content marketing strategist with a focus on technology and B2B business growth.

I have a degree in journalism from Boston University and spent 5 years working at newspapers and magazines, including the Boston Globe. Since then, I made the shift over to working at high-growth startups, bringing my writing skills to the world of content marketing. 

Today, I lead the content team at Zaius, the B2C CRM that puts the customer at the center of you ecommerce business. Iā€™m also the host of the ecommerce marketing podcast, The Empowered Marketer, and the ecommerce video series, Marketing Unboxed.

I focus on building powerful content strategies for startups using target personas, consistent messaging and SEO. I can help you create high-quality content like blogs, podcasts, case studies and in-depth eBooks that will consistently drive new leads for your business.  

Looking for some help with your content marketing? 




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