Cara Hogan
Content Strategist

Case Study: Veracode Drives Forecasting Clarity And Data Quality With InsightSquared

Veracode is an automated cloud-based service that simplifies application security. Founded in 2006, the Massachusetts-based company helps companies create scalable governance programs to reduce application-layer risk.

As online security concerns become central to every business, Veracode has grown quickly. Brian Levin, Director of Sales Enablement at Veracode, explained that the company’s sales team is up to 120 people. At that size, he found his manual process for analyzing data simply didn’t work anymore. Forecasting was inaccurate, historical data wasn’t available, the sales process was inconsistent, and communication of vital data across the team was confusing and splintered.

“As we grew as a business, it became more important to be able to predict performance into out quarters,” Levin said. “We didn’t have a good system of leading indicators about our potential performance for our quarter, so we were partially blind to how we might perform one, two, or three quarters out.”