Cara Hogan
Content Strategist


Every CEO Needs a Great Ghostwriter

I'm currently working with a startup CEO who is a fantastic and prolific writer.

He sends me blog posts to edit before publishing on the company site, and I'm always amazed that I have so little to change. I make a small tweak here and there, add a comma or two, and it's ready to publish. Then, a few days later, he sends me another nearly-perfect post. 

However, he is an anomaly. Most CEOs I've worked with are either not trained writers, or they just don't have the time to devote to writing. They may have visionary business ideas, speak eloquently, and have strong perspectives, but that doesn't always translate into a constant stream of content. 

Luckily, writing is something that not everyone needs to do well. As a CEO, there are many, many other skills that are far more important to your success. It only makes sense that writing can and often does fall to the bottom of your To-Do List.

But because of that, every CEO should have a ghostwriter on call for any content needs. When you have a great idea for a piece of content, you shouldn't struggle to find time in your busy schedule to write. Instead, you can delegate to an expert and get back to running your business. Learn how a ghostwriter can help you build your business and create great content at the same time. 

Build Your Personal Brand

For CEOs and other C-level executives, it's important to be both seen and heard within your industry. You try to speak often at events, get featured in the press, and work hard to build up your personal brand as a business leader. The visibility of the CEO can really assist in a company's growth by putting a face to the name. People are far more likely to feel a positive connection to you as a person than to an inanimate brand. For CEOs, this kind of personal branding is an invaluable addition to any marketing strategy. 

One way to build up your personal brand is through consistent writing. Many well-known CEOs, Venture Capitalists and other market leaders really invest in blogging as a branding strategy. Just think of SaaS VC Jason Lemkin or Richard Branson of Virgin -- they've built their brand, in part, through content they created themselves. Content like this can be interesting, thought-provoking, or show off your individual personality. It's up to you what you'd like your content to say, but no matter what, it should always aim to help you build your personal brand and grow your business.

Lead the Conversation

Especially when it comes to cutting-edge industries like machine learning or biotech, there are constantly new advances in technology to discuss. As the CEO of a company in a rapidly-moving space, you absolutely must be part of that conversation. Ideally, you should be publishing thought leadership posts that announce your company's latest innovations, but also comment on other industry news and interesting trends. 

Hopefully, you can position yourself as the go-to thought leader in your industry through content marketing. If you blog about industry topics consistently, when something interesting happens, journalists and other industry leaders will know they can rely on your blog to offer up interesting commentary. Rather than being a follower, you can become a leader with the simple act of consistently and thoughtfully writing about your industry. 

Stop Wasting Time

Clearly there is real value in a CEO publishing content under their name on a consistent basis. However, that doesn't mean you have to devote hours and hours of your time to writing it yourself. That's where a ghostwriter is invaluable. A great ghostwriter can easily turn a 30-minute conversation with you into a series of thoughtful blog posts. Then, you can review the posts, tweak them to make sure it sounds authentic, and publish it with ease.

By investing a small amount of time, you can start blogging the way you've always promised yourself you would. If you're looking to become a leader in your industry, build your personal brand, and drive growth for your business, the choice is obvious: you should invest in a ghostwriter. 

Cara Hogan